I'm currently in the process of starting work in a new company and moving to the city the company is situated in. Which might explain the lack of updates for the enhanced relation list (feel free to contribute).

With the new company I will stop working with eZ EE and thus will not be able to support this types of installation.

I'm currently in the planning of the next minor release of the enhanced relation list which will switch the implementation of the edit interface for the field and its definition. Following changes are planned for this release:

Another task that's still open is a pull request that I have not yet been able to assure its quality of. This will be one of my tasks for the upcoming weekend.

Regarding the future (as I will no longer be working with ez platform at work) I will still continue maintaining the ERL and adding several bundles extending and/or improving on ez platform.

In addition to all that, the beta1 release for ez platform v3.0 just released the other day (afaik is planned to release as stable in 3 months time). My current priority is to check out what happened and which parts of the system changed in regards to the enhanced relation list. A release (being beta or not) for the ERL will not yet be implemented.