Most of my bundles for eZ Platform are currently not public. This will probably be the first bundle to be just that. Don't punish me too hard for rookie mistakes (pretty please).

The ERL is a take on creating relations to other content inside eZ Platform (in an advanced way). The basic functionality consists of adding on information to each relation item. Although the type did kind of blew out of proportion back in the day. This iteration will concentrate on the essential features of the type.

Enhanced Relation List (prototype)

As you might see, the purpose of the ERL is to store value to enhance the relation itself (while improving on the UX of the interface). All data is available while rendering the field (duh).

Key parts of the ERL:

Regarding the configuration of the attributes, there would be one simple example to explain it. The integer type can handle and validate integers. No surprises there I guess. But it will also be able to be given a min/max value configuration. The possibilities for configuration depend on the type itself.

Some parts  I would have loved. But I could not yet (due to limitation in available time) implement them and they would break the scope, postponing the initial release by several weeks. The biggest feature currently missing would be the creation of custom attribute types.

What's left to be done? Well there is the field definition edit (I don't use those in my setup) on the one hand and documentation on the other. Some UI adjustments and implementations are still in the pipeline.

The release for this puppy is still a few weeks off in the future. If you want to try it out, you can send me a mail at <erl at intense-programming dot com> if you would be interested.

I guess that's it for now. Take care and code intensely!