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Custom override matcher

In this tutorial we will look at how you can create your own matcher for overrides. For this example we will create a matcher that uses a regular expressions to check the path which is called. We will get into the reason behind this in the first step…
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Creating a new Zone in the PlatformUI

This task did actually cost me quiet an extensive amount of time. The steps in this tutorial will teach you how to add new zones to the current PlatformUI for eZPlatform . Just to prevent any confusion, I know there is a Tutorial for adding new tabs …
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Latest articles

Work and current inactivity

I'm currently in the process of starting work in a new company and moving to the city the company is situated in. Which might explain the lack of updates for the enhanced relation list (feel free to contribute). With the new company I will stop worki…
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ERL (Stable v1.0.0)

A few days ago I made the Enhanced Relation List publicly available. It's currently in the stable version 1.0.0 and got some improvements compared to the previously mentioned prototype. The configuration got slightly expanded in a way to give more co…
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Relations (Enhanced)

Most of my bundles for eZ Platform are currently not public. This will probably be the first bundle to be just that. Don't punish me too hard for rookie mistakes (pretty please). The ERL is a take on creating relations to other content inside eZ Plat…
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Platform V2

The development was really fast. After announcing they had the new administration interface publicly available I was eager to start upgrading this website right away... and so I did! The Version you are viewing now runs on the latest eZPlatformV2 ker…
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